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TERRAFORCE interlocking retaining wall concrete blocks, a design originating from South Africa and in use there for more than 30 years, are now available in the UK, locally manufactured under licence to the same standards as the product supplied by the parent company. Use them for environmental landscaping, ideal for both domestic and commercial construction purposes, where control of soil erosion is required whether it be for decorative garden borders and terraces or heavy duty retaining walls needed to provide protection against wind, storm or water damage. The design of the blocks gives you the ultimate flexibility of contour creation at the same time giving a choice of surface texture to be aesthetically pleasing to the surrounding elements. Visit the gallery page to realise what opportunities there are to manage troublesome issues. Installation could not be more straightforward, these blocks do not need mortar but rely on a tried and tested interlocking design with block infill to provide the additional weight required for stability. From the images you can find on this website, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that these blocks, when arranged in appropriate design, can even be planted out to enhance and equally soften the wall arrangement of the TERRAFORCE blocks.

With a block weight of 20 kg there is no need for expensive lifting equipment, yet another plus when using TERRAFORCE.
Our design service is available, free of charge, and a construction sketch can be provided for your installation.



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