The TERRAFORCE interlocking retaining wall block system provides the solution to projects requiring soil retaining walls and reinforced slopes.

Uses range from landscaping, creating decorative domestic garden borders and terraces, to major civil engineering walling projects where soil retention is required. The design of the walling block gives the ultimate flexibility of contour creation with each block providing the option of round, smooth face, or flat, rock face finish, whilst being aesthetically pleasing to the surroundings. The hollow block allows for the planting of the wall to produce an enhanced, softer, “living wall”.

Installation could not be more straightforward with there being no need for mortar between blocks as they are dry laid and rely on a tried, tested and proven interlocking design resulting in reduced build time, building consumables and, with a block weight of 20 kg, construction equipment.

A retaining wall design service is available, free of charge, with a construction drawing being provided if required.

TERRAFORCE blocks are locally manufactured under licence from South African principals where they have been in use for over 30 years. 


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