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Step 1
Prepare a level foundation of gravel or
concrete as directed by site
conditions. Compacted gravel
foundations are usually sufficient
for structures not higher than
one (1) metre. On sloping sites the
foundations may be stepped by
block height at intervals to suit the slope.
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Step 2
Place first row of blocks to
the required alignment and
ensure that units are level in
all directions and without
gaps between blocks.
A small amount of mortar will
assist with accurate levelling
on a concrete foundation.
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Step 3
Install a drainage pipe with an
outlet at the lowest end and free
draining backfill as specified
behind the first row of blocks.
A length of flexible conduit pipe will
assist in setting out smooth curves
as shown.
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Step 4
Fill blocks with good quality
soil or soil compost mix and
tamp lightly.
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Step 5
Continue construction, row by
row, while backfilling and
compacting free draining
material as each row is
completed with topsoil infill.
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Step 6
Where necessary, a geofabric or
membrane may be used
between layers of blocks to
further enhance the stability of
the retaining wall.

A visual guide explaining the basics steps for construction. More detailed information can be provided at the time of quotation relative to the installation to be undertaken.

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