Go GREEN with the TERRACRETE Permeable Paving Block

Recent decades have seen increases in instances of severe flooding and greater pressure on infrastructure such as drainage systems and effluent treatment works. A combination of more and more building on natural flood-planes, over abstraction from natural aquifers and the effects of climate change is thought responsible. This has resulted in a rethinking of how we manage rainwater runoff in a more sustainable way whilst at the same time relieving the burden on infrastructure and natural watercourses. The Sustainable Urban Drainage System/Scheme (SUDS) was introduced to devise ways to manage rainwater runoff, be it through pervious or permeable systems, soakaways or more engineered SUDS rainwater collection and soakaway systems. Furthermore, hard non-pervious surfaces tend to collect polluting substances (oil, fuel, brake dust etc.) which will be washed off into drains and find their way into rivers and streams during heavy rain events.